Married But Lonely; The Hardships Of Being Married To A Soldier

Married but Lonely

Living a married life is not easy, this is because married couples will always experience challenges in their lives, which they have to work together, in order to surpass it gracefully, to make sure that the issues will not hurt the family. Unfortunately, not all couples end up like this. Many couples are married but lonely which leads them to separation. But did you know that the hardship of maintaining a happy marriage is doubled when you are married with a soldier?

If you are married with a soldier, the issues are doubled. Here, you will always feel married and alone most of the time because your spouse will have to leave home for months or even years, serving the country by protecting it from harm. The thing here is – our soldiers are not just stationed in bases that are close to home. In fact, there will always be a time when your spouse will have to leave the country, and be thousands of miles away from you. When this happens, you cannot help thinking if your spouse is still loyal to you, especially when reading about stories about married men and single women engaging with each other in an extra marital affair.

Wives of soldiers are said to be lonely women, which is obviously not surprising to know because these women are like living their own lives with their children alone, and not with their husbands for most of the time. So if you are complaining about living in a lonely marriage, think of the wives of our soldiers and compare your life to them.

Being married but lonely is very easy when you are married to a soldier, because you end up doing everything on your own. There will also be times when you need a shoulder to cry on, but find yourself having no one, because your partner is not home. This is also one of the reasons why women start dating while married because they are longing for the attention that they are not getting from their husband.

One more thing that makes it very hard to be a wife of a soldier is that you always end up worrying. Of course, you will worry! Your husband is sent to a war zone where anything can happen at any given time. When your husband leaves home, there is no assurance that he is coming back in good shape, or worst – in one piece and alive.

It is really hard to be a wife to a soldier because all of the trials and hardships will be thrown at you, and if you are not tough enough, your marriage will end up to a divorce. If you are married but lonely because your spouse is a soldier who fights for the country and often missing at home, try do pacify yourself and stop worrying about things that are not happening yet. Pray that everything will be okay, while your spouse is out there, and always hope that when he comes back, everything will be back to normal once again.

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