Due to kind of technology we have today, it is not very hard for us to know what is happening not just in our country, but in all parts of the world. Turn on the TV, and you will instantly see what is happening in another country. Turn on your computer and connect to the net, and read the current news and events on what is happening as well.

The only sad thing about the current news of today is that all you will see is about countries fighting one another for what? For money and for power. This is what is happening right now, especially between Israel and Egypt. What is very alarming too is that you are seeing pictures of innocent people (including very young kids) hurt and killed because of bombings and strikes. Is it really worth it?

As a matter of fact, I have already asked my daughter to stop checking facebook for a while because even the news feed of facebook shows very alarming pictures that I know will cause negative effects to my child’s mind.

Our technology today became a very vital tool to increase awareness on what is happening to the world today. While this can be somewhat positive, as a parent like me, I think some people are overly using that advantage. I mean, every person who will see pictures or read articles about war will always be entitled to his or her own opinion. They can judge without even knowing the truth, which I think is going to add more to the damage.

Due to the exposed, unmasked, and the freedom of people sharing content over the internet, parents should always be extra careful when allowing their children to use the internet, because I always believe that reading content found in the internet will always require critical thinking. The thing is – critical thinking is often mastered as you age.

However, I am not saying also that you have to ban your child from using the internet. It is also good for them to be aware, but you as his or her parent should always be there to guide your child, so that it will be easy for him or her to understand what is happening.

For instance, Yahoo news and Google News often show content on what is happening between Israel and Palestine. Most content related to this will show violence not just between the two groups, but also when it comes to the poor civilians who are being used as human shields. When this type of content is presented to someone who is not yet mentally and intellectually equipped, this information can easily pollute his mind.

What is happening between Israel and Palestine is just one example that is constantly being talked about online. In fact, even some of the most popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become a favorite spot of people related content of the said war between Israel and Palestine.

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