Belgian Soldiers

A typical war can last for years; it can be 10, 20 or even more! But in reality, the effects of war can last for a lifetime. This is true especially for people who experienced the war themselves, and was part of the run, just to save his or her life.

I have not experienced being in a war zone. I am very thankful for that. But I have an idea of what its like being in a war, especially now when it is very easy for the media to increase awareness online, showing what really people feel and experience when their country is at war.

Just yesterday, I read a horrifying article about a photo journalist who apparently have been abducted first by a terrorist group called ISIS, and beheaded. The beheading was captured in video, which I can’t bear to watch. This particular content is very something that will bother me for sure. Then I suddenly thought of the feelings of the family of this person who was beheaded by a terrorist. I can just imagine how painful it can be for them seeing their loved one killed in the most painful way, and worst – this person is very helpless and can’t do anything about it, so he just waited for death to come.

This situation is a clear example that war and terrorism can create a lifelong effect. In fact, even the next generation of people within the family will bring this hatred and fear, which cannot be erased in such a short time.

Another negative effect of war can be seen from the soldiers and the family of every soldier. How many wives cry whenever their husband needs to leave the house to serve the country? How many wives suffer from deep depression due to constantly worrying if their husband will come home safe? How many mothers of soldiers cried as they welcome their sons in caskets after being killed in a war? How many people suffer from sorrow and pain, because they do not know if their loved one will still come home?

Being a soldier of war is a very humble task that a person can accept. This is why we always give gratitude to these people, who are selfless and ready to give their lives for the country. I think the same level of gratitude should be given to the families of the soldiers, because they also took part in giving what they can give, for the betterment of the country.

If you will ask the people who have experienced war and what are the effects of it to them, I can be sure that they won’t be able to pinpoint everything, because every single minute of the experience is something that no words can explain.

Its more than the traumatic experience, it is more than suffering emotional, it is more than the pain that the physical body can take, it more than words that these people cannot explain.

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