Terrorism is one of the biggest problems of our society these days. In fact, it may be considered as the most hurting truth to all humanity, because it is not only the two groups affected here, but even civilians consisting of innocent people young and old. This is what is happening in the war between Israel and Palestine right now.

Just to play it safe, I am writing without mentioning any sides. The thing with war and terrorism right now is that combatants are using human shields to protect them from unknown strikes, which puts the lives of innocent people in real and great danger.

For example, a group stations their base at highly populated areas near schools, neighborhoods, or even the church where they manage their weapons and other things for war, thinking that the other group will not launch an attack due to the fear of killing innocent people who are just nearby. Aside from stationing near populated areas, combatants also use people to shield their own private homes deliberately to stay safe during war. Combatants scatter themselves in houses of innocent civilians because they know that they will be safe from surprise attacks.

The thing when it comes to human shield is that the innocent people cannot do anything about it. If they refuse to agree, they will be killed. If they accept the combatants in their homes, their lives will be at risk, because there will always be a time when the opposition will have no choice but to launch an attack, regardless if there are innocent people who will be killed. The idea is to just think of the betterment of the majority, where it is better to put the lives of some at risk, to save many.

Combatants using human shield will always have the advantage, which makes terrorism so hard to beat. Why? Let’s say the opposition is planning to launch an attack, and they send alerts to people who live in the area where the attack will take place; what will happen is that instead of just ensuring the safety of the innocent lives, they are also sending the same alerts and signals to the terrorists so they themselves will be able to flee the area to save their lives as well.

That being said, the activity will just continue. The terrorists will just relocate together with the innocent human shields, continuing what they want to do. As long as human shields are used, it will always be a challenge to beat this long time issue in our society.

The issue about human shield is very alarming already. If you will read the news about the war between Israel and Palestine, you will see how one group (not mentioning the name) sending children on top of the building, whenever they know that missiles are set to strike them any time. Imagine that? Such cruelty is happening, and as long as terrorism is not combated, this cruel activity will continue.

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